Every Sunday // 9.30am – 11.00am

  • 0-2 Year Olds - The crèche is for babies and children aged up to 2 years old.  A safe place for children to feel loved and play
  • 3-4 Year Olds - This group is for pre-school children three years old to those who are in reception year at school.  It’s a space for children to learn more about Jesus through fun, games, craft, stories, and music.
  • 5-7 Year Olds - Our 5-7s (school years 1-3) head over to Broadwater C of E Primary School to give them the space they need to fully express themselves.  The children are led over safely by the team and are brought back to the church for the end of the service.  This group enjoys fun, games, craft, and looks deeper into some of the Bible stories.
  • 8-11 Year Olds - Like the 5-7s, the 8-11s (school years 4-6) also head over to Broadwater C of E Primary School, accompanied by the team.  This group looks to develop friendships and delves deeper into the Bible together through drama, games, discussion, creativity, and prayer.